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Stay the night where the woodcutters once spent their winters. A long way from any hustle and bustle, yet comfortable. Removed from traffic, yet not isolated. The chamois, deer, and foxes will sometimes keep you company.

Rudolf Olgiati has converted the Holzerheim for your comfort. He was among the pioneers of the new Grisons architecture. On your walk through Flims you will discover even more of his distinctive and expressive buildings.

The Holzerheim, located next to the restaurant, can also be reached by car, but with time constraints.

Accommodation: living room with kitchen, fireplace and wood stove, two rooms with one double bed each, bathroom, shower and toilet, CD/DVD player, Internet access, and an abundance of serenity and warmth.

from CHF 150/day, at most 4 persons



By a stroke of good fortune we have been commissioned with the rental of a 4½-room apartment in the Casa Olzà in Flims. Rudolf Olgiati, the pioneer of the new Grisons architecture, built the house in 1970 and created genuine Olgiati quarters.

The apartment has been kept in its original condition and is very well maintained. An object for lovers of fine architecture.


Accommodation: living room with kitchen and fireplace, two bedrooms with one double bed each, one bedroom with two child's beds, bathroom with bathtub and toilet, separate toilet, sunny balcony, TV, DVD, stereo with iPod and CD player, Internet access, and lots of charm. Linens as well as Nespresso machine and coffee capsules are of course also included in the price. A space in the garage is also at your disposal.

from CHF 160/day, at most 6 persons